The Nourish Spot!!!

I was born and raised in South Jamaica Queens, NYC. I always promised myself that would invest in my neighborhood. A lot of neighborhoods do not have access to healthy food options. It was my pleasure to meet Dawn Kelly, the owner of The Nourish Spot: After working several years in Public Relations, while watching a segment on the news about The Lox starting a … Continue reading The Nourish Spot!!!

Home Sweet Home

Growing up I would always hear stories about Barbados from both my grandparents. My grandpa would tell my brothers and I about how he would play hookie from school and go swimming at the beach. My grandmother would talk about her Grandmother, Gran, she was sweet but strict to her and my uncles! Sadly as they both got older and before they died they would … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

The way I feel about you feels Sorrel!

I remember in 2nd grade I had to write a paper about my family and where they’re from. So I did a paper all about my Dad’s homeland, Trinidad! The island shaped like a boot! One of my favorite things I wrote about was the cuisine! So much cultural diffusion in the food. The island is a melting pot, you can tell the African, Indian, … Continue reading The way I feel about you feels Sorrel!

LodeStar Children Services Fundraiser 4/27

A lot of you might not know but I am a Social Worker. I believe everyone deserves equal access to the many resources that are available in society.  I’ve strived to make sure that everyone especially our most vulnerable populations are able to have equal access to all resources and opportunity. I’ve met so many amazing people in graduate school! SHOUT OUT TO STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY!!!!! … Continue reading LodeStar Children Services Fundraiser 4/27

Ode to Babel

If you really think about it there are so many bars, lounges, and restaurants everywhere. So what really separates them. Sometimes it’s as simple as the vibe you get when You enter a spot. It’s funny I went to Ode to Babel last summer for a party and I remember saying to myself this spot is dope. It’s a nice size with an outdoor patio. … Continue reading Ode to Babel

Chef Sam’s Love Bites

Last Week I had the pleasure of sampling some “Love Bites” from Chef Sam’s Love Bites! I am so happy to have experienced her new catering venture. Chef Sam’s Love Bites is a private chef and boutique-style catering service. It offers an eclectic menu with a mix of casual and fine dining options. The goal is to cater directly to YOU in a small intimate group … Continue reading Chef Sam’s Love Bites

You scream I scream

Maybe it’s because it reminds us of a beautiful sunny day when we were young care free kids. Remember when the ice cream man would come down the block playing that annoying yet enchanting jingle. You would get that chocolate dipped on a cone. You would cool down so fast. And remember when the ice cream would begin to melt so you Would just lick … Continue reading You scream I scream

What are you in the Mood for….

So here’s the scenario all men fear…. So peep this: I usually plan a lot of my dates but I always worry that I’m being too assertive. So every now and then I say “Hey Bae, where would you like to go for dinner 😎.” The worst thing happens occasionally…… She… says… “I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.  😣” As a guy … Continue reading What are you in the Mood for….