Upscale Cozy!

So I’ve been to Sanford’s in Astoria a few times. I’ve come here with family, with friends, and a few dates. I’m actually excited about actually writing a review!

The first time I came was probably in 2013. Back then the one issue was the wait time. It was relatively small and popular so there was always the possibility of waiting 1 hour to be seated. Last year they expanded and the wait isn’t as long. And there’s a larger bar you can go to sip on a lil sumthin sumthin while you wait.

It looks like a upscale diner which I actually love. Its cozy and you could throw on your best threads or come after a gym day. It’s really a multipurpose spot. As said before you could come here for dates, come here before a night on the town, family outings, hangouts with friends, for breakfast lunch or dinner!

I usually come for The brunch (maybe one of these days I’ll get dinner). The menu has such great variety! From duck and waffles to Smores pancakes or just regular break favorites they have you covered! For $10 extra you get 2 drinks and choice of juice coffee or tea. My favorite things areΒ the food options, price, good lighting, and low music. It doesn’t get too loud. I love being able to hold a conversation without having to yell across the table!!!

There are so many things to do in the surrounding area you could make a nice day trip out of it. Take the train right over to the city. Hit up LIC. Enjoy an art museum or local street art. Enjoy the scenery and the East river at Astoria Park!

So I highly recommend Sanfords!




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