What are you in the Mood for….


So here’s the scenario all men fear…. So peep this: I usually plan a lot of my dates but I always worry that I’m being too assertive. So every now and then I say “Hey Bae, where would you like to go for dinner 😎.” The worst thing happens occasionally…… She… says… “I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.  😣” As a guy you try to help her decide “What about that Thai place you love. Or how about Cheesecake factory they have mad things you like. 😏” then she hits you with the I really have no clue what I want. Just pick the place. So you know I’m like ight great. We’re at Soco in BK. As we start heading that direction. She might hit you with the. “Wait so where we going??? Soco? Noooo I don’t want that.” So at that point the only thing I’m think is to just bug out and go to Wendy’s 😳😵😬…..

Ladies….. Why do y’all do that? And what should we do if we encounter this from y’all? I always think this is a game and y’all are testing our patience…. If that is the reason why…. Don’t do that no more!!!!


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