Chef Sam’s Love Bites


Last Week I had the pleasure of sampling some “Love Bites” from Chef Sam’s Love Bites! I am so happy to have experienced her new catering venture.

Chef Sam’s Love Bites is a private chef and boutique-style catering service. It offers an eclectic menu with a mix of casual and fine dining options. The goal is to cater directly to YOU in a small intimate group setting for events such as: Birthday Celebrations, Brunch, Dinner, Ladies Night, Game Night, Sporting Events, Relationship Milestones, etc.

Samantha B aka Chef Sam is the architect of Chef Sam’s Love Bites. Her many travels around the world really influenced her eclectic menu!! She put some serious thought into her food selections. I loved everything she prepared. My favorite thing was the Marinated Grilled Steak Bites with Red Onions served in Plaintain cups. The display looked amazing and tasted even better! I’m going to list the current menu below but there is such an amazing variety of food. Menu items such as: Fried Stuffed Wontons; Thai Chicken Meatballs; Panko Crusted Salmon with Truffle Oil; Cilantro Coconut Rice Balls……. SHeeeeeeshhhhhhh everything was amazing.

I had the pleasure of knowing Chef Sam for quite some time now. She is very passionate about cooking and would love to bring a one of a kind dining experience to you and your guests! She is very personable and open to meet your catering needs. If you are interested and have an upcoming event, reach out to Chef Sam for a consultation!

Show love…. Don’t front….


Contact Info:

Samantha Belotte

(M): 347-351-8622




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