Corona Park

I want to reiterate MONEY doesn’t make the date.  You can spend $200 at Peter Luger and go see the Knicks lose after (just kidding). But that can mean nothing. Effort speaks volumes. Plans are always great but sometimes the element of spontaneity can add so much Sauce to your date. You can cheat spontaneity. Like if you know an area and you and your date just make the date as you go along in that area. I’m from Queens so one of favorite places to go is Corona Park. So many NYC visual gems there. The Worlds Fair, those 2 towers from Men In Black, Queens Museum of Art, the Hall of Science, a lot of food vendors and much more. 
So one day my creative juices were flowing. I’m really familiar with Corona and I remember it was a beautiful day. Like one of those picturesque days; a few clouds in the sky, butterflies flying, Sun shining beautifully. I remember thinking about that episode of Fresh Prince where Will and tyra banks went on a double date with Ashley and Jaleel White. They played mini golf and I remember reading that Corona Park has mini golf. So boom I set my plan in motion. And sheiiittttt it was an amazing date. Stroll through the park, a game of mini golf, Hot dog and fries after, pictures by the Globe, the Sun dropping slowly, creating the perfect memory of a beautiful day. I’m going to keep saying it but when I go on dates my objective is to create long lasting memories. Every moment you spend with that person you’re dating can strengthen your relationship. 

Going out to different places will definitely keep your relationship alive. I know Sometimes its good to be home and chilling but we all know once the thermometer hits 60 Going out is a must. You gotta do your research. Know what your partner is interested in. And go out and create those memories! Anytime he/she watches Men in Black they’ll remember you brought them there 😎😎😎😎😎.


One thought on “Corona Park

  1. Yes Corona park is really beautiful!!…I went for the 1st time last summer with my cousins and we had an awesome’s also a great place for an early evening picnic…that was the highlight of our outing.


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