LodeStar Children Services Fundraiser 4/27

A lot of you might not know but I am a Social Worker. I believe everyone deserves equal access to the many resources that are available in society.  I’ve strived to make sure that everyone especially our most vulnerable populations are able to have equal access to all resources and opportunity. I’ve met so many amazing people in graduate school! SHOUT OUT TO STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY!!!!! … Continue reading LodeStar Children Services Fundraiser 4/27

Ode to Babel

If you really think about it there are so many bars, lounges, and restaurants everywhere. So what really separates them. Sometimes it’s as simple as the vibe you get when You enter a spot. It’s funny I went to Ode to Babel last summer for a party and I remember saying to myself this spot is dope. It’s a nice size with an outdoor patio. … Continue reading Ode to Babel