Ode to Babel

wp-image-799291426jpg.jpgIf you really think about it there are so many bars, lounges, and restaurants everywhere. So what really separates them. Sometimes it’s as simple as the vibe you get when You enter a spot. It’s funny I went to Ode to Babel last summer for a party and I remember saying to myself this spot is dope. It’s a nice size with an outdoor patio. So I said cool I could see myself coming back here. Then one of my closest friends invited me to her 3.0 Bday party. And guess where it was….. Β Yup you guessed right!!! At Ode to Babel…. And once again it was a banging event. Of course it was popping because she was having her event there. But Sometimes the spot itself can influence the vibes of the event. So far they’re 2 for 2. My co-workers were looking for a place to have our departmental holiday party and i suggested Ode to Babel! My co-workers and I loved it!!! I even got a chance to speak with the owner and she was so down to Earth. I love places where I could chat with the owner and her warm and welcoming disposition can’t help but make you want to come back for more. So of course I went again to meet up with someone recently And it was such an amazing time.

Ode to Babel has the perfect recipe for an amazing time. Its a good size, by good size I mean it’s small enough that you won’t get lost in the crowd on your way to the bathroom, but large enough that you can host a nice size private event and of course when the weather is good the outdoor patio is open! The spot is adorned with African Art and comfortable seating and a quaint neat bar. The bartenders are also extremely helpful and friendly. I’m gonna say it again it gives off the vibe of a serious “we came to please you, thank you come again”. They have great bar food and an extensive drink menu. All the drinks have a really fresh taste to it.they’re the only place I know that can make a cognac drink with Henny without that 😲😲😲 feeling! The music is loud enough that you can jam, but low enough that you can keep a convo going.
If you’re in Downtown BK make sure you check out Ode to Babel! Or make a date night out of it, or a Girls Night Out, matter fact host your own private event or meet up with your friends/co-workers for Happy Hour.

I highly recommend Ode to Babel



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