LodeStar Children Services Fundraiser 4/27

A lot of you might not know but I am a Social Worker. I believe everyone deserves equal access to the many resources that are available in society.  I’ve strived to make sure that everyone especially our most vulnerable populations are able to have equal access to all resources and opportunity. I’ve met so many amazing people in graduate school! SHOUT OUT TO STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY!!!!!

One of my fellow alumnus and friend, James Regan, LMSW, is the Board President and founder of Lodestar Children Services. Their mission is to empower children and families” by providing them with the necessary tools to develop and improve their own system for supporting their own needs, as the family sees and defines them. Lodestar sets up home and community based waiver services for youth between the ages of 5-21 who are psychiatrically disabled or placed in foster care homes and also their families.  Lodestar is the newest children’s childcare provider in Long Island and Queens!


James has set up their inaugural fundraiser! The menu is featuring food by: Harold Dieterle


Lodestar needs to raise $20,000 in 2017.  Your community needs Lodestar.  We need your help.

Donations are used in 4 important ways:
1. EXPANSION: In 2017 we will offer more great new programs such as OCFS and OPWDD waiver programs, aftercare services and affordable summer camp for children with disabilities.
2. RECOUP STARTUP COSTS: …for insurance premiums, technology, staff training and background checks, licensing and more.  This is a struggle and an area of need for any new agency.
3. TRAINING & RESEARCH: Lodestar is committed to staying ahead of the curve in ensuring our excellent staff is well-trained and current on evidence-based interventions.
4. SUMMER WELLNESS ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES: This is the most stressful time for many families, yet also the most opportune time.  We are committed to improving children’s access to the outdoors, investing in the connection between physical and mental wellness, and providing strong, appealing alternatives to technology overuse. 

Call 631-767-1589 to speak directly to the founder, James Regan, if you want to learn more!

IF you can’t attend and want to donate follow the link: http://www.lodestarcs.org/donate.html



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