The way I feel about you feels Sorrel!


I remember in 2nd grade I had to write a paper about my family and where they’re from. So I did a paper all about my Dad’s homeland, Trinidad! The island shaped like a boot! One of my favorite things I wrote about was the cuisine! So much cultural diffusion in the food. The island is a melting pot, you can tell the African, Indian, Spanish, and indigenous influence on their cuisine.

With all that said, I love PEARL’S in Williamsburg. It’s the only Trinidadian restaurant in North Brooklyn! I actually had the pleasure of meeting the owner of PEARL’S. She is such a down to Earth and welcoming person. I had dined outside in the backyard patio. She told me how Pearl was actually the name of her Grandma and she wanted to bring her love for the food her granny would cook to Williamsburg. Her husband is also the owner of Sweet Chick (which I also love)! The menu is full of authentic Trini Cuisine.


I’ve been here by myself, I’ve come on dates, came here with my bro, also came with co-workers and friends, basically what I’m saying is this place is a versatile spot. Of course the Backyard is gonna be litt this summer! Imagine the summer heat paired with a Sorrel Mojito or a chilled rum punch! And when that breeze hits ya! BOOYACKA!!!


I almost forgot to mention the food. Bruh the Bakes are slamming. I’ve had the Bake with Jerk Chicken, Shark, and short Rib….Woooeeeiiieeeee you have to try at least one. They have various rotis also. Imagine a bake is like a sandwich with the best tasting bread you may ever have. And roti is like rolled up flatbread filled with the most amazing things the earth has to offer. Like a burrito but better!


Why am I giving away the surprises here! Go try it yourself one of these days. The price is right too. And definitely worth it!






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