Home Sweet Home

Growing up I would always hear stories about Barbados from both my grandparents. My grandpa would tell my brothers and I about how he would play hookie from school and go swimming at the beach. My grandmother would talk about her Grandmother, Gran, she was sweet but strict to her and my uncles! Sadly as they both got older and before they died they would always ask me to take them back home to Barbados…. Unfortunately they didn’t make that trip back home…. They made an amazing life for themselves and my family but you can tell their hearts were back home in Barbados….


Recently my cousin found letters that my grandmother was sending back home to my family in NY before she moved to America. The letters were from 1939! So this year I planned on going to Barbados for the first time to see the Country that my grandparents called home. OMG I felt like I was home. Like I returned home after being away for a long long time. You couldn’t help but feel welcomed while being here. The people were so kind and the island had such an easy going vibe. My crew stepped out the airport looking forward to exploring the island. We stayed only 4 nights and we realized we needed an extra week to see everything. We stayed in the famous St.Lawrence Gap. That’s a really poppin street filled with clubs bars and restaurants. Our hotel was located right by Dover Beach. A clear upgrade from the beaches I’m accustomed to in New York City (which you couldn’t pay me to go into the waters). Beautiful clear water which danced and swayed to a beat of its own. Ooooooo yeaaaaa the Currency Rate is 2 to 1. So I quickly converted $200 for $400 Bajan Dollars….. It was nice seeing black faces on money!

But yeah the beaches were amazing. We went to Dover Beach, Rockley Beach, and we were able to go in the water during our boat ride. Yep day 2 we went on the famous Jolly Roger boatride! Unlimited Drinks and lunch provided. The ship stopped twice and people were allowed to go swimming while the ship chilled. I’m not gonna front 1 hour in I realized the Pirates Punch packed a wallop. So between the swaying boat, Pirates Punch, and a variety of Soca and Reggae…. Your boy was niceeeeeeee (really drunk but I held myself together!) ask about me! I had the boat party turnt up! I’m glad I experienced that. Β This adventure made me realize I really need to learn how to swim. Seeing everyone jump off the boat and chill in the water gave me serious swim envy! But nonetheless, the Jolly Roger was love!

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As far as bars and lounges go. I admit we became regulars at the Old Jam Inn! The reggae music, the welcoming staff, and the 2 for 1 drinks really had us hooked! We went there just about every night. Being a NYC reggae music lover made me a much better dancer than the locals! My boy English really treated us like we we’re regulars that went to Old Jam Inn every week. 2 for 1 Rum drinks all night. Could you imagine coppin 8 drinks and only paying $16USD 😦😦😦😎😎😎. When the club let out we would get food made by the locals! Jerk Chicken, Pig Tails, Macaroni Pie, Burgers, Hot Dogs!!! So Damn Good!


We also went to the Boatyard in St. Michael which was pretty dope as well. So we kind of went on a whim, I was reading through the activity map I got from the hotel and it looked cool enough lol. So we pull up there and the hostess tells us; for $40 we’ll get a card with $40 worth of credit on it to use at the bar and restaurant. We also could swim with tortoise nearby a shipwreck in Carlisle Bay. I almost chickened out though… I’m not going to front I can’t swim 😦 But I figured what’s the worst that could happen. So me and the squad geared up after some Rum Punch and got in a little boat with like 12 other people and it was so worth it. I only lasted 3 minutes in the water, but it was so amazing, just to be in the water with the tortoise and sting rays! So you know what came next afterwards…. More RUMMMMMM! This time we upgraded to the Mount Gay XO and kicked it with some girls we had met. Might I say Barbados has some of the most beautiful women! So hospitable, friendly, hot, and their accents…… OOOO BOYYYYYY! Can you guess where we ended up after that? You guessed it right! Old Jamm Inn

I met So many amazing ppl out here, ate great food, danced like I was Bogle, swam with turtles, and really fell in love with my other home! IΒ have so much to write but I’m going to write a separate post about the food we at on this vacation!









2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. When you swam with the turtles did you have a flotation device on? I love traveling to the many different beautiful islands as well and just like you I’m incapable of swimming. I’d love to do something like swimming with dolphins or turtles but my fear of deep water won’t allow me. Maybe we can look into some adult swimming classes. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves!


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