The Nourish Spot!!!

I was born and raised in South Jamaica Queens, NYC. I always promised myself that would invest in my neighborhood. A lot of neighborhoods do not have access to healthy food options. It was my pleasure to meet Dawn Kelly, the owner of The Nourish Spot: After working several years in Public Relations, while watching a segment on the news about The Lox starting a … Continue reading The Nourish Spot!!!

Upscale Cozy!

So I’ve been to Sanford’s in Astoria a few times. I’ve come here with family, with friends, and a few dates. I’m actually excited about actually writing a review! The first time I came was probably in 2013. Back then the one issue was the wait time. It was relatively small and popular so there was always the possibility of waiting 1 hour to be … Continue reading Upscale Cozy!